The mission of the Consortium is to enhance the dairy industry's competitiveness as well as its ability to produce a safe, wholesome and competitively priced supply of milk and related products. This is achieved in an

environmentally sound manner through expanded cooperative programs of the various universities, state agencies and
federal agencies serving the Southern Great Plains.


  • Create opportunities for developing federal and state Legislative initiatives that will help establish "centers of excellence" among member institutions with the initial focus placed on major issues identified in producer forums.

  • Identify consensus priorities based on dairy industry inputs utilizing a broad-based Industry Advisory Committee.

  • Establish multi-disciplinary faculty teams to address the industry's identified problems and issues through collaborative research, education, extension and service programs.

  • Provide coordinated and enhanced undergraduate and graduate training programs.

  • Develop grant opportunities and competitiveness through synergy of the resources and talents of outstanding faculty employed by the partners.

  • Develop long-term technological partnerships with producers and allied industries to gain access to necessary resources.

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